Welcome Sharks! This is Miami Dade College’s official Motivote site, managed by the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy!

Motivote is a fun nonpartisan effort to help students make a difference in their community and get out the vote. It provides MDC students with the education and resources they need to develop as changemakers and voters. 

Motivote is for all MDC students, even if you aren’t a US citizen yet or you aren’t eligible to vote. You can still participate, help others register to vote, and complete civic actions.

Here, you will find all the necessary resources to be a well-informed changemaker and voter for the upcoming November election. MDC and Motivote will help you understand the voting process in order to make sure your voice is heard and counted this November.

From registering to vote, requesting a mail-in-ballot, learning about election day procedures, viewing a sample ballot, to applying for a paid poll worker position, and much more, MDC and Motivote are here to assist you as you prepare to be an engaged community member and for one of our nation’s most important civic duties. We encourage you to form a team and invite your friends to use this page.

The best part is that you will not only have the chance to become more civically engaged, but enter for a chance to win cool prizes! On Motivote’s page, the more actions you complete allows you to rack up points to be entered to win prizes. 

Motivote has divided the teams across Miami Dade College’s eight campuses. Form a team and help your campus be the most engaged campus today!

Your data and personal information will not be shared and will remain private. Please direct all questions to motivote@mdc.edu